About the Owners

Hey there! Welcome to The CharmHouse Properties page where I am looking forward to welcoming you to our beautiful state of Maine as well as our lovely community of Bangor and surrounding areas. Along with property rentals via AirBnB, I hope to encourage people to embrace the art of hospitality, which died on the front porch of a farmhouse somewhere next to a glass of iced tea in 1960. Social media is so powerful that it has replaced face-to-face chats over a warm cup of tea or hot coffee (or toddy) with a white screen full of acronyms because we don't have time to use full sentences. I will share my ideas and welcome any others to breathe life into welcoming guests to our homes for a visit and a meal, while talking to them and looking them in the eye at the same time. It's crucial for us to make those connections with one another and it leaves your belly and soul full.

My husband Michael and I have lived here our entire lives (all 29 of them) and it is always exciting to see our home, state and community through the fresh eyes of our guests. Michael is a mathematics teacher at our local high school and also referees football and softball. I have worked most of my adult life at our local hospital in the lab and administrative positions, but have recently been able to get done in order to concentrate on welcoming guests to our properties. We have raised three wonderful sons and our whole family lives in this area. We share our home with our fur child, Darby, who is a Shetland and Brittany spaniel mix. Life is awesome!!

This little adventure I embarked upon almost a year-and-a-half ago has taken on a life of its own and I am just along for the ride, being open to anything that comes my way that involves welcoming people to our properties or helping people create environments that are cozy and comfortable so they can do their own welcoming.

Our very first dabbling with AirBnB and short-term rentals started back in November of 2017. We had sold the home we raised our three sons in and bought a historical home with an in-law apartment, thinking we could have one of our widowed mothers stay with us. Well, they had other plans, so my besties came over with paint and away we went getting the first property up and running. We had NO idea how it worked or what to expect, but we knew we loved people and it was worth a try. We could not believe the response and need for short-term housing in our area. For the next year we welcomed guests from every corner of the United States and all over the world. We learned so much from each of them and some of them have remained in our lives. What a blessing!

So, the CharmHouse on Main in Hampden, our childhood hometown, was born. We have had an absolute blast together and we get to spend so much more time with one another, which our Mom would have never predicted when we were younger!

By this time, I could see people really were really interested in what I had to share with regard to hospitality and decorating, so I resigned my position at the hospital and nervously but excitedly plunged into my little growing adventure. During a much-needed massage appointment, my dear friend and masseuse Geneva asked me if I would help her and her husband, Joe, ready their lake house nearby for AirBnB, as they were moving into town. And, the plans and labor for the third addition to the family blossomed and opened in April of 2019, like yesterday! The CharmHouse on the Lake, a labor of love that included almost everyone we know to get it ready for our first guests. Totally Blessed!!

So, there you have it. Come click through our pages and take from them what warms your heart and leave with it what might warm someone else's.