looking for a place to stay in Bangor, ME?

looking for a place to stay in Bangor, ME?

Check Out Our Local Rental Properties

In addition to our Short Term Rental Assistant services, CharmHouse Properties also runs several local rental properties in and around Bangor, ME. Our rental properties are perfect for your getaway.

Come visit our cozy housekeeping cottage, our three-level, five-bedroom lake house and the original bed and breakfast that started it all: CharmHouse on Forest.

Call 207-944-9030 right now to learn more about our rental properties.

Find local rental properties

CharmHouse Cottage

1 Bedroom Cottage in Hampden/Bangor

CharmHouse On Forest

Private/Self-Serve Breakfast

CharmHouse Lakehouse

16 Guest Home on the Lake in Orrington/Bangor

Lakehouse on Schoodic

10 Guest Home on the Lake Orrington/Bangor